Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

As my close friends already know, I’ve moved back to Somerset to work for the family business.

I’ve grown up discussing business strategy around the kitchen table so it only felt natural to get involved. Having met at art college my parents rather impressively formed their design company just a year after graduating, which they ran for 20 or so years. Even though Beyond The Fridge was founded in 2007, it’s almost like joining a start-up as the company is at an exciting stage.We’re currently in the process of expanding the core range of products, magnetic notice boards, to include a variety of products for the home, from textiles to furniture. My mum uses her vivid, and sometimes quite surreal imagination to create truly unique surface designs, whilst my dad uses his eye for technical design to develop and manufacture new products.

Starting my blog almost a year ago now has made me realise that my heart lies in content creation, as well as social media and marketing, which is exactly what I’m doing for Beyond The Fridge. One of the benefits of working in an entrepreneurial, start-up like environment means that my role is very flexible and I can end up doing a bit of everything, so no day is the same. I especially enjoy the whole process behind online retail, from styling and photographing new product ranges to putting them online and spreading the word. Also, the great thing about working with my parents is that I can tell them what I really think without being fired…hopefully!

I realise this isn’t the usual way to begin a career as a graduate but I’ve never really done things the normal way and I don’t think I ever will! It’s so hard to know what you want to do when you graduate, especially when you do a degree like Ancient History and follow your heart rather than your head. I sometimes wish I could be “normal” and begin a corporate career like the majority of my friends but I’ve realised that I should embrace my creativity/entrepreneurial spirit and accept that I might have to go about things slightly differently. It might not even work out but we’ve always taken risks as a family and it’s one I’m willing to take especially as I’m so young and have my whole working life ahead of me.

P.S. my dad built me a new desk at the back of the shop to work from so I thought I’d paint a friendly plant pot to christen it!