Sunday at the Seaside

As we’re not going on a family holiday this summer, we made the most of the wonderful weather this weekend and took ourselves off to the seaside.


We drove down to the Dorset coast, stopping to admire the stunning scenery. Once we arrived at Sandbanks we tolerated the queues and took the car ferry across the harbour to Studland Bay.


Having set up camp, we settled down for a day of picnicking, paddling, sunbathing and beach combing. My mum and I always love looking for smoothed sea glass and, even though the tide was in, she managed to find some pieces being the experienced beach-comber she is!


It was warm enough for a dip in the sea but everywhere you looked there was a jellyfish bobbing about in the shallows or sunbathing on the sand, which was enough to put me off! Instead, I spent most of the day soaking up the sunshine and you can tell… No more pale and interesting, hello burnt and boring. I can feel the heat radiating from my face as I’m writing this!


If I could live anywhere, it would be by the coast. I always feel so much happier and relaxed by the sea. Although just for a day, escaping to the seaside this weekend was a lovely mini-break. Even when you’re really busy it’s worth taking a day to escape to the coast, fill your lungs with fresh, salty air and clear your mind, ready to start a new week.