Style Diary | November

The other day I made an emergency fashion purchase. Yes, there is such a thing.


It was one of those days when you just want to be comfy and nothing special is happening, so you don’t make much of an effort. However, it was then sprung on me that I was going somewhere nice for drinks that evening.


Without time to go home and with little choice of shops I ventured into Fat Face. I’ve never shopped for myself in Fat Face before because, let’s face it (no pun intended), it doesn’t exactly scream elegance or feminine prints. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised and came across this pretty top.


It’s perfect for autumn/winter with its long sleeves, dark colours and delightful repeat pattern of leaping deer. When I popped to London for an interview recently, I couldn’t resist roping in my reluctant photographer/boyfriend to take a few photos of the top styled as part of a relaxed weekend outfit.


It goes perfectly with a fedora, an essential accessory for any fashion blogger, and especially this navy one from ASOS. This is my first style post with high-street pieces so let me know what you think and keep your eyes peeled for many more to come.