Style Diary | Embroidery Everything

From denim jeans to leather jackets and crisp cotton shirts, embroidered details have been everywhere this summer and it doesn’t look like the trend is going anywhere for autumn. You can’t step into a shop on the high street at the moment without spotting something embroidered but I’m definitely not complaining!

Whether it’s a flock of delicate birds or an elegant cluster of flowers, I’m drawn to embroidered details like a magnet. The trend has been translated into everything including more simplistic styles to complex patterns and in my opinion, the more intricate the stitching, the better; it’s all in the detail.

We’re spoilt for choice in Zara right now when it comes to embroidery and this pretty top caught my eye last week. Straight cut with statement, ¾ length sleeves, embroidered flowers adorn the neckline as well as the scalloped cuffs edged with red stitching. The floral embellishment reminds me of wild flowers scattered in a meadow and together with the striped pattern and floaty sleeves, create a bohemian, whimsical look.

Styled with a simple denim skirt like this one from ASOS, or some jeans, the top is perfect for summer, whatever the British weather has in store for us!

I’m on the lookout for some embroidered/embellished jeans next so watch this space! What embroidered pieces have caught your eye this season? Let me know in the comments below.