Style Diary | Easily Suede

Suede was everywhere in SS15 and it’s here to stay for Autumn (I’m certainly not complaining!)


Last month, during one of my numerous trips to London, I found myself in Basingstoke with an hour to kill after my train journey was disrupted. As the station is a stone’s throw away from a massive shopping centre, I decided to pass the time with a spot of shopping – I’ve had worse train delays!


I hadn’t been into Primark for ages as I’m not a great believer in fast fashion but it was mahousive so I thought I’d take a look. I was pleasantly surprised as, although the quality still isn’t amazing, it’s definitely improved since I used to shop there as a teen and it wasn’t long before I spotted this dress and coat in faux suede.


As long as you don’t expect anything you buy there to last too long, it’s a welcome compromise if you don’t have much of a budget but want to embrace the latest trends. For instance, this faux suede trench coat doesn’t have a lining but hangs well and is a flattering, relaxed shape.


As I was going for drinks with some friends in London that evening I decided to road-test my new purchases, pairing them with knee-high suede boots (you can read my post about them here). I do realise this outfit is slight suede over-load, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend wearing it head-to-toe – I think I got a bit carried away! Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to styling suede pieces with a variety of different textures and fabrics this Autumn.


^ Why am I so awkward?!


P.S. Sorry for writing ‘suede’ so much – it’s definitely one of those words that sounds really weird when you say it out loud too many times!