Recipe | Easter Hot Cross Bun Muffins

For me Good Friday means spending time with my family and eating lots of hot cross buns. It also happens to be my birthday today, so this year it will involve lots of cake too! (Look out for birthday related posts, I can’t wait to show you the lovely things I’ve been given).

Last Easter I attempted to make some hot cross buns with my mum but we didn’t have any white bread flour so we used wholemeal instead. They were so heavey and almost inedible but that didn’t stop me tweeting king of buns Paul Hollywood a picture of them captioned ‘look at my mum’s bun’s’, which I thought was hilarious but probably perturbed him if he stumbled across it.


This year I decided to try again but wanted to avoid another disaster so searched for a simple recipe. I found a recipe for Easter Hot Cross Bun Muffins, or Buffins as I’ve christened them, which instructs you to chuck everything in the bread machine and leave it to do it’s thing. The Easter ‘Buffins’ are supposed to be a hybrid between hot cross buns and muffins but as you make them from dough they are basically just normal buns. The one muffin-like element is the fact that you bake them in a muffin tin lined with baking parchment squares, which adds a novelty factor.

I found that the dough was quite wet when it came out the bread machine so I added some more flour. Otherwise, it’s a really easy hot cross bun recipe and mine came out surprisingly risen and golden. You can find the recipe here  if you want to have a go at baking them yourself. They were far more successful than last year’s batch as they actually looked and tasted like buns but maybe this year I won’t be tweeting Paul Hollywood a photo of my buns! Let me know in the comments below what you’re baking this Easter.