New Hair, New Me!

I’ve finally had my hair cut after almost a year and more than just a trim! If you read my last post you will know I’ve decided to go for the long bob, or “lob”.


After worryingly little thought, I decided to just go for it. When I want to do something I tend to just make it happen and think about the consequences later, which isn’t always advisable, but this time it paid off!


I’ve always been loyal to Toni and Guy’s but this time decided to try out Melanie Giles, a small chain of salons in the West Country. They have three salons, one of which is in Frome, but I went to their Bath one on Walcot Street. I really loved the shabby chic interior and relaxed atmosphere of the Bath branch.


My hairdresser Laura understood exactly what I wanted and didn’t even seem fazed that I wanted to cut off so much hair. It always makes me doubt my decision slightly if my hairdresser is hesitant about cutting off so much length. Laura’s confidence in cutting my hair reassured me and she said that the new length suited me. I’m so pleased with the outcome, I don’t know why I didn’t go for it sooner. It’s so much lighter and easier to manage – I’m going to gain hours in hair washing and blow-drying time!


I realise ‘new hair, new you’ is an advertising cliché but it’s amazing how a haircut can make you feel so different! I don’t tend to write about my personal life in great detail  here, especially the not so great bits as I like to see this as a positive place, but I’ve had a pretty rubbish last 6 months or so. It sounds silly but cutting off my old hair has been like getting rid of all that emotional baggage! It feels so liberating to spontaneously decide to do something for myself and not worry about what anyone else might think about it.


P.S this cosy jumper is from Topshop and you can find it here