How To Make Elbow Patches

I recently found an old jumper at the back of my cupboard that I hardly ever wear anymore. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a plain grey jumper I bought from H&M a few years ago.

Instead of throwing it out, I decided to get my sewing kit out and jazz it up a bit. I didn’t want to do anything too ambitious to it as I’m not the most experienced sewer, so settled for some simple elbow patches.


They really are easy to make. Start by drawing and cutting out a paper template in your chosen shape. I went for a heart but you could make them in stars or more traditional ovals. Then select a pretty fabric, pin the template to it and cut around. Place the patches on your jumper where you want them to be and pin them.


I’d suggest wearing the jumper and have someone help you pin them on so they actually end up on your elbows! Sew around the patches using a running stitch, making sure that you only sew them to the top layer and don’t go through both, (like I did once or twice). Tie the thread off and iron over the patches to finish.


The new patches have added a pretty, feminine touch to what was a slightly boring jumper. Sewing your own elbow patches are a great way of giving an old top, jumper or blazer a new lease of life.

Happy sewing!