How To Make A Marbled Ring Dish

With Mother’s Day only a week away, this little marbled clay ring dish is the perfect gift to make for your mum.

I was inspired by this tutorial I came across on one of my favourite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, which you can follow if you’d like to make your own. They show you how to make a circular dish but I thought it would be even cuter cut into a heart shape using a cookie cutter.


I used to make things out of oven-bake clay all the time as child so it felt quite nostalgic using it again. It’s really simple to make and exciting to see what the finished marbled effect will come out like. Painting the edge in gold gives it a sophisticated finish, making it a suitable present for any mother. Or make it for yourself to display your favourite rings and keep them all in the same place if, like me you’re always loosing track of them!


Let me know in the comments below if you have a go out making this little ring dish, either as a gift for Mother’s Day or a practical and pretty present to yourself.