How To Make A Felt Keyring

Last weekend I moved into a flat in south west London. The new commute is a nightmare but it’s nice to escape to the leafy suburbs at the end of the day and I grew up close by so there is a reassuring sense of familiarity to the area.


I thought that my new key looked lonely so I decided to make it a friend in the form of a felt keyring. I hadn’t done any sewing for ages and this is a really fun little project to ease yourself back into making things. I find sewing rather therapeutic. It’s a great way to spend cold, dark evenings and beat the January blues. Here’s how you can make your own friendly felt keyring.


First of all decide what you want your keyring to be, the fewer parts and corners there are to the shape, the easier it is to make. I made a little bird house with it’s own resident fluffy chick perched inside because, why not?!


Then, on paper draw and cut out the different elements making sure you do two of each for the front and back. Pin the paper templates to the felt and cut around. Next, embellish the top layers with felt shapes, beads or decorative stitches (I used chain stitch for the bottom of the house).


Sew the parts together using a small running stitch so it isn’t too obvious. To attach your felt shape to the keyring, fold a narrow ribbon over the ring and place between the front and back layers. I bought this pretty ribbon from Millie Moon, the lovely haberdashery on Catherine Hill in Frome.


Finally, sew the front and back together using blanket stitch, leaving a sufficient gap to stuff the shape with scraps of material and then sew it up. The end result is very handmade and a bit wobbly but I think that adds to it’s charm.