How To Make A Christmas Wreath

It’s taken me a while but I’m finally starting to feel festive! After seeing friends yesterday in the always Christmassy Covent Garden and putting up the decorations today, this weekend has put me in the festive spirit.


This is our first Christmas at home since moving in the summer and all our decorations have slotted perfectly into place. We’ve only lived in the west country for a few years but I already can’t imagine spending it anywhere else.


As we have an abundance of holly in the garden, my mum and I decided to make a Pinterest-worthy Christmas wreath. It was really easy to make and is so much more satisfying knowing it’s all natural and eco-friendly.


You can use anything you find in your garden or local park. Make sure you chose a plant that is malleable for the base, like willow, and bends without snapping. We started by wrapping ivy around a bucket to form the ring, weaving sections to strengthen it. Use wire to wrap around the ends and keep them in place.


^ Gideon isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit…


Then take pieces of holly, tuck them into the ivy and attach using the wire. You can add whatever you like in the same way, from dried orange slices to pinecones. We went for a predominantly green colour scheme using springs of evergreen plants and young hydrangea heads.


Finish your wreath by securing a section of red ribbon to the top and tie it to the door knocker or a nail with a big bow. It should last for the couple of weeks leading up to Christmas and a while after but if you’re worried about anything that might perish/wilt, you can use a special floral foam for the base that retains moisture and is available at most garden centres.


A handmade Christmas wreath makes your home that much more inviting over the Christmas period and is well-worth finding time to do. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve made your own wreath or have a go at making this one.