Hair Inspiration | The Long Bob

As you may have noticed, my hair has grown ridiculously long again but I didn’t intend to grow it so long.

Some people get to a length where their hair stops growing but mine just keeps on going! I should really have it cut more frequently than I do but my hair is so thick it doesn’t feel or look damaged for months after cutting. I feel really ungrateful as I’ve been told on a number of occasions that I’m lucky to have the hair I do but I’m just a bit rubbish when it comes to hair. I’d love to be able to do exciting things with my hair and I’m always jealous of those who can create Pinterest-worthy styles with theirs. You’d think being a creative person I could do more with my hair. However, I’m just not great at styling it or doing interesting updo’s – I can just about do a normal plait and I hardly ever even blow dry it as it takes hours! So after hardly any consideration I’ve decided to chop a lot of it off. Maybe I should be a bit more precious about my hair…

I’ve decided to go for the long bob, or lob as it’s been christened. The lob soon became the haircut of 2015 for many celebrities, which is unsurprising as it looks stylish whilst being low maintenance. Above are a few examples of celebrities/girl crushes I think wear the lob best, including Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Olivia Palermo and Margot Robbie, and most match the look I want to go for. Amanda Seyfried’s new lob (middle) first inspired me to go for the chop as my hair is a similar honey-blonde colour and texture to hers. Someone once made my day/year by saying I looked like her (I wish!).  She also used to have long hair like mine and the lob really suits her so fingers crossed it will suit me.

I’m having my hair cut tomorrow so providing I’m brave enough to go through with it, I’ll update you in a post soon about how it looks. Let me know in the comments below what you think of the lob and whether you would go for it or not.