Cooking with Herbs | Sowing the Seeds

Cotton Traders have challenged me to cook with herbs at home and very kindly sent me a mini herb kit so I could have a go at growing my own.


The kit comes with 3 vintage inspired cream plant pots placed in a matching tray and 3 packets of herb seeds. Mine came with Basil, Thyme and Sage and each packet lists the individual instructions for growing the herbs on the back. The instructions are really easy to follow so don’t worry if like me, you’re not very green-fingered!


To sow the seeds you will need 3 smaller plastic plant pots to place in each container as it improves the drainage and prevents the poor little herbs from drowning! It also helps to line each container with some pieces of broken ceramic pottery or gravel.


Fill the pots with compost but make sure to leave space and not fill them right to the brim. Scatter the seeds on the surface then sprinkle a thin layer of compost over them and water. Don’t forget to keep track of which seeds are in which pot so you can label them and know how to look after each one.


This little herb kit is ideal if you don’t have a garden or much space to grow plants. I’m lucky enough to live in the countryside and have plenty of space outside to grow veggies, but it’s another thing trying to prevent deer from munching them first so I’ll be keeping my herbs safely indoors. The retro style pots also look pretty and are a great way of sprucing up your kitchen window sill.


If you’d like to grow your own herbs, take a look at the Cotton Traders’ guide for more information on how to nurture each one from seed as well as some recipe inspiration. Come back on Sunday for my attempt at cooking with herbs at home. Obviously my herbs won’t have grown in time to cook with this week but I’ll update you with their progress on twitter using #CTGrowYourOwn – fingers crossed I can keep them alive!