Bloggers Fashion Week at OXO2

On Monday 7th September I made my way to the Southbank for the long-awaited Bloggers Fashion Week organised by the Bloggers Hangout.

I was excited but also slightly nervous at the prospect of not only attending my first bloggers event, but modelling in the fashion show during the afternoon session. I arrived at 10:30am at OXO2 located on the second level of the iconic OXO Tower, a unique and contemporary event space overlooking the Thames.


After meeting the other models/bloggers we all had our hair and make-up done whilst the event was being set up. It was really interesting to meet JordanStephie and Marisa and hear about their experiences of blogging. The doors opened at midday and we watched the space fill up with stylish bloggers embracing the ‘all black chic’ dress code.


Photograph by G n Bri Photography


Photograph by Tessa Holly

Our first catwalk was for Julia Hearts U, a range of unique kimonos designed by Julia Brown. I opened the first show, which was a bit daunting but as soon as the music started I just went for it and soon relaxed into it. After a short break whilst we changed into our next outfits by luxury British label Georgina Dee, we took to the catwalk again for the second and final fashion show of the afternoon.


Photograph by Tessa Holly

When the event drew to a close at 3pm, I took myself off for a well-deserved late lunch before meeting my friend Helen at the National Theatre. The next Bloggers Fashion Week session didn’t start until 6pm so we took the opportunity to have a good catch-up and take some outfit photos along the Southbank. You can read about how I interpreted the all black dress code here.


We made sure to get there as soon as the doors opened to make the most of the evening. Walking around the event we met some really interesting brands, some of which even kindly gifted us samples to try their products out at home. Here are a few of my favourite brands I discovered at the event.


Miglio is a collection of jewellery designed by Jenny Miller and made in South Africa. Each piece is hand-crafted from the highest quality materials. They gave me a beautiful silver charm on a metallic brown leather necklace, which I can’t wait to wear.


Little Ondine is a nail polish made from natural resin, organic colourants and water meaning that it’s odour free (hooray!). It’s also quick-drying and really easy to remove as it peels off in one go. They come in a brilliant range of colours and I’m looking forward to trying out the one I was given.


Maison Ves make luxury scented candles with a contemporary twist. Their reusable glass containers have hashtags printed on them for special occasions such as birthdays and engagements, making them ideal gifts.


Amigdala Jewellery is a beautifully intricate collection of Italian handcrafted jewellery designed by Nadia Fallica. Made from hand-painted gold lace with pearls and gem stones interwoven, each piece is truly unique.


True Brit London is a quintessentially British brand of nail polish. Each shade is inspired by English heritage and I was given a sample in ‘country tweed’, a warm pinky brown shade, which I enjoyed wearing the other day.


Having studied Ancient History I automatically loved the concept behind perfume brand Boadicea the Victorious. I really like the celtic inspired perfume bottles and their bold but feminine fragrances. I’ve especially enjoyed wearing their fruity scent ‘Glorious’ with it’s undertones of raspberry, plum and peach.


As the sun started to set over the London skyline, Helen and I popped onto the balcony to take some photos and take in the spectacular views. It was a lovely ending to a very long, but fantastic day.


Although slightly scary, I’m glad I took myself out of my comfort zone and took part in the fashion show. It was also great to attend my first bloggers event and meet like-minded bloggers, as well as some interesting brands. Thank you to Danielle from the Bloggers Hangout for having me and for organising a great event. I’m looking forward to attending many more blogger events in the future.