A West Country Weekend

This weekend was the first we’ve spent just as a family of four for a long time and it was just like old times.

On Saturday Chloe and I took ourselves off to Bath (via a bus replacement service as the trains weren’t running between Frome and Bath, typical!) We decided to go for an early lunch once we felt normal again after the windy coach journey.


The Boston Tea Party cafe in Bath is always our destination of choice when it comes to breakfast/lunch. Despite being a tiny little cafe on the corner of a busy square, we always manage to find a spot. They use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and offer a menu of affordable feel-good food. Chloe went for smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and avocado on sourdough toast whilst I had the smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel which was really tasty.


Feeling sufficiently full, we set off for a through rummage through the last of the sales. Our favourite shop is Anthropologie and the Bath branch is one of the best. From clothing to homeware I always want everything in there but it’s quite expensive. It’s always worth waiting for their sales and Chloe found some white jeans which were drastically cheaper than their original price.


You can’t go to Bath without visiting the Royal Crescent and dreaming of living in one of the stunning terraced houses.


When we were shopped-out we called our dad to ask for a lift back as the next replacement bus wasn’t for hours. Even though it had just started to rain, we couldn’t resist making a detour via Ben’s Cookies. Soggy but very happy with ourselves we made our way to meet our dad, having also bought him a cookie to appease him.


^ Why do I look like I’m in so much pain when I laugh?!


Once we were back in Frome we were dropped off at the shop to help our mum draw fish on the window as part of the new display for the market the next day. That’s how everyone spends their Saturday evening, right? After working quite late to get the new window ready, we ordered a Chinese takeaway, which we took home to have whilst watching Despicable Me 2, as you do.


On Sunday it was the monthly market in Frome, which celebrates local artisan makers and designers. It’s always a really enjoyable day and usually involves eating lots! Chloe bought me a very yummy apple and cinnamon danish pastry from the artisan bakery At The Chapel.


I didn’t catch the name of the stall selling these amazingly intricate cakes but they’re always at the market so you’ll just have to pay a visit to Frome if you want to find out more!


We found this little kitty all curled up amongst the fishing tackle someone was selling outside their house down a side-street. That’s one thing I love about Frome, there are cats everywhere!


After a busy market day, we headed home mid-afternoon to enjoy a well-earned jug of Pimms and a BBQ in the Somerset sunshine. It was a pretty perfect weekend and I really enjoyed having Chloe to myself (sorry Ben!)