A Trip Down Memory Lane

The other day I came across a disposable camera with no idea what was on it so took it to Boots to have it developed.

That’s what’s exciting about film cameras – being pleasantly, or sometimes not so pleasantly, surprised by the outcome. I discovered that I’d used it over the span of two years so I thought I’d take you on a little trip down memory lane.


These photos were taken in November 2012 during my second year at University. A group of us went up to Edinburgh for a friend’s 21st birthday weekend. I’d only been to Scotland once before and always wanted to visit Edinburgh. It was lovely exploring the historic city in the winter sunshine and taking tourist snaps. Here Helen (my selfie partner in crime) and I made the most out of a photo opportunity in front of Edinburgh castle. That afternoon we went to Murrayfield to watch Scotland vs. New Zealand. Having Scottish blood myself I had the Scottish flag painted on my cheek to show my support. Although Scotland lost, it was the only rugby match I’ve ever been to and it was an amazing atmosphere.


This was the only time it really snowed properly during my time at Durham, in the early spring of 2013. Durham is already a beautiful city but looked even more magical and Narnia-esque in the snow. Durham’s hilly cobbled streets are hard to handle at the best of times but that didn’t stop me and a friend going for an icy walk, ending up in the cathedral cafe for a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.


My best friends from school, Charlotte, Tazzie and I first went to stay at Charlotte’s cottage in Sussex during the summer after GCSE’s and we turned it into a bit of a tradition. We always have a great time playing board games, cooking BBQ’s, exploring the Sussex countryside, shopping in Chichester, West Wittering beach trips etc. This photo is from summer 2013 – Tazzie and Charlotte are both snug as a bug in a rug wrapped up in their towels after an optimistic decision to go swimming in Arundel open-air pool!


I then remember rediscovering my disposable camera in October 2014 before going to a friend’s 90’s themed birthday party in Putney. I thought it would be appropriate to take along to truly embrace the theme and relive the 90’s with some authenticity. It was a great night I was evidently enjoying myself more than others! (ahem…Sam)


When I got my job in November I lived in Wapping for a couple of months. It was really handy for commuting to Canary Wharf and provided some stunning scenery during weekend winter walks. This view is from the river looking towards Tower Bridge and the Shard. It was one of my favourite spots to go and escape to if I was feeling stressed. It was also really close to the Tower of London and on a number of occasions I battled through the crowds to visit the poignant army of poppies.


The final photos are from a mini Waitrose picnic by the river after shooting one of my first fashion posts for the blog. Even though it was early winter, the sun was so strong it was warm enough to sit outside (in my favourite spot). It’s strange to think how this moment would’ve been forgotten forever if it hadn’t been captured on film. However insignificant some of these photos might first appear, I’ve really enjoyed looking back at them and reliving the happy memories they conjure up. It’s something we should all do more often to remind ourselves of the good times we’ve had and the people we’ve shared them with.