A Beautiful Day in Brighton

Last week I took a couple of days off and went to stay with Chloe as she had some annual leave to use up and we thought it would be nice to spend some time together. We were planning to do something in London but as it was such a lovely, sunny day on Thursday we suddenly found ourselves on our way to Brighton – it was a very spontaneous decision for two very indecisive people!

After only an hour and twenty minutes on the train we arrived in Brighton, happy to see that the weather was just as wonderful there. We walked down to the seafront and along the beach breathing in lungfuls of fresh salty sea air. I love beachcombing and while I was looking for an interesting stone to take home as a souvenir, I found this perfect heart-shaped pebble.

As it was lunch time we made our way to North Laine in search of a bite to eat. You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to cafes and restaurants in North Laine, let alone the rest of Brighton! It always takes us ages to make our minds up when it comes to food and it was even trickier with so many places and cuisines to choose from, but in the end we opted for a fantastic little Middle Eastern falafel bar called Fil Fil Cafe. We both had wraps filled to the brim with falafel, hummus, halloumi, salad, tahini and chilli sauce. It might not look very photogenic but it was so tasty!

Feeling fala-full (sorry) we wandered around all the lovely little independent shops and impressively managed to resist buying anything (apart from some fudge to take back for Chloe’s boyfriend Ben). A buzzing atmosphere and diverse mix of Pinterest-worthy boutiques and bohemian vintage shops, there’s so much to see in North Laine and it’s an ideal spot for people watching!

You obviously can’t go to the seaside without having ice cream, especially on such a sunny day, so we stopped by Gelato Gusto to treat ourselves to some delicious, homemade gelato. There were so many yummy looking flavours to choose from, making it another testing decision but I went for two scoops, one of Nutella, one of salted caramel, and they were so so good!

To walk off our ice creams we made our way back down to the seafront and along Brighton pier. It wasn’t as sparkly and exciting as I remember from going there as a child but it still radiates traditional seaside charm and provides a fantastic viewing point, if not a slightly scary one when you can see the waves crashing beneath you through the gaps in the slated wood! Walking along the pier alone gave us an adrenaline rush so you’ll be unsurprised to hear that we didn’t go on any rides!

We meandered back to the train station via Brighton Pavilion which looked as striking as ever against the bright blue sky. Slightly sun-kissed and windswept we got the train back to London after what felt like a mini-holiday. We used to go to Brighton a lot as children but I hadn’t been for a long time. It was just as delightful as I remembered and I’m looking forward to going back again soon.

Also, 9th March would’ve been our grandma’s birthday so it was particularly poignant and the perfect way to celebrate. The only thing missing was her but I’m sure she was there with us and doing everything she could to make it such a beautiful day.